Jannahtul – The Plus-sized Bridal Specialist

Jannahtul – The Plus-sized Bridal Specialist


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Vision & Mission

Jannahtul was born with two goals in mind; inclusivity & versatility. We believe that being inclusive no matter what shape or size is vital to a happy and stress-free wedding planning process. We hope to make every bride and groom satisfied with their bridal wear of choice without the need to short change style and comfort.

Secondly, we hope to promote versatility. Are you sick of seeing every bride and groom look the same in your Facebook feeds? So are we! Our bridal wear and styling is unique; where you finally you have a say in our designs. We will break social construct to make your dream bridal wear, a reality.


The founder of Jannahtul, Janna; started about 5 years ago with a simple passion for makeup, hairstyling and workshops. She has done types of makeup; such as bridals, engagements, bridesmaids, editorial and fashion just to name a few. However, despite the many experiences, she finds herself gravitating towards bridal; as nothing beats the satisfaction of witnessing a bride’s face light up in the mirror as she studies her newly transformed outlook to marry the man of her dreams. The face she makes; is the motivation behind Jannahtul.

There were many occurrences where being a freelance makeup artist dealing with curvy and plus size brides being unsatisfied with their bridal of choice as they felt short-changed and betrayed by the promises the bridal makes initially when they signed on a bridal package. Or they felt the choices they make in the bridal wear were limited as they are not as promising as they seem on their Instagram feeds. Or they’ve been told to reduce weight prior or during the fitting so that they are able to fit to a smaller size. That face of disappointment was the second motivation being Jannahtul.

With the gap in the Malay Bridal focused industry, Jannahtul was established. We hope to promote body positivity by providing above and beyond services for our bride and groom to be. We are slowly moulding ourselves to be a one stop shop bridal repertoire which is compact. Some of our packages include henna and fresh flower bouquet for the bride so that the bride can I have one less thing to worry about. We also provide Pak Andam / Groom styling services for the groom. This allows our groom to have a peace of mind too. Having a Pak Andam / Groom stylist ensures the groom remains polished, calm and put together on his wedding day. Our additional services also includes car deco and car rental with driver in the case you do not have one, we deliver! We also provide a selection of wedding gift trays / dulang hantaran as well. Talking about an all in one deal!

If you choose us, you no longer need to feel inferior, no need to feel intimidated, no need to worry as we promise you that you have one thing less to worry about.

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