Kompang Fusion (Syabab)

Kompang Fusion (Syabab)

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Our pioneers formerly joined an existing kompang group in 2006, a total of 20 of our pioneers went further and not just only school kompang performance. Two years down the road, we discover one motive together, we explored that there is just more than a kompang performance in kompang. It involves brotherhood, vitality and moral support. With the limits we had as a young group of boys we expand ourselves, we engage support in providing us the right tools and directions and call ourselves Syabab in 2008.

Year by year we came to our 10th anniversary of Syabab in March 2018. The time where our vision back in 2008 came to reality from 20 members to over 100 members who are willing to be part of us, embrace the legacy and the tradition we hold for long. Today, Teamsyabab handles two active groups, Syabab and As-Syurafa’ and that explains Teamsyabab.

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