Our Top 10 Photographer Picks For Jan 2021

Your wedding photographs will be one of your most treasured wedding keepsakes, since they will seemingly bring you back to your wedding day and let you relive them again. You will look back at them years from now, possibly even with your children, and reminisce your big day and the emotions you felt.

Choosing the right photographer is an integral part of your wedding planning and it is crucial to select a photographer who understands your vision and needs. It is also essential to understand each photographer’s style and niche, to respect their craft and just so that you will not end up disappointed if the photographs do not meet your expectations.

To help you find the right photographer for your big day, we have listed down our top 10 photographer picks for January 2021 to assist you in your selection. In no particular order, here are our top 10!

1. Studio Five Weddings Singapore

Studio Five Weddings Singapore‘s photographs will get heads turning for all the good reasons. It encapsulates the right proportion of romance, happiness and fun – all at the same time. They sure know how to capture classic images!

2. The Vanilla Project

Warm and playful photographs, who doesn’t love that? The Vanilla Project serves just that, and more. You’re all smiles with your partner and you can trust them to capture the candid moments, no matter how minute.

3. The Jugg Photos

Of warm and soft hues, The Jugg Photos are the experts at keeping intimate photographs light and bright by capturing the appropriate balance of colours for a more delicate look.

4. Wolfpac Weddings

As if straight off a movie, you can trust Wolfpac Weddings to give you the dramatic touch you need. Their photographs are known for its fierce contrast and flamboyant colours, as if showing off the passion and romance in a picture. They sure are a beauty and is suitable for anyone who wants a moody feel in their photographs.

5. Visual Recollections

Visual Recollections love to give off a rustic and warm look in their visuals. Similar to editorial images which are much more posed, almost like in a fashion magazine, this style has become increasingly popular in wedding photography.

6. OneTwoThree Snap Studios

OneTwoThree Snap Studios produces visuals that range from the classic black & white, to a range of colour moods. Being versatile, they are professionals at capturing couple portraits with a subtle touch of emotion. There is no doubt that they can bring your wedding photography to life, depending on the colour tones you’re going for!

7. Skyvows Photography

Dreamy, raw and authentic, Skyvows Photography shoots candid photographs to make for some of the most heartfelt and memorable images. They go the extra mile of bringing you to places with a beautiful setting and let the moments unfold naturally and snap away, recording the magic as it happens. You will surely go “awwww” when you look back at your wedding photographs!

8. Visuals By Raf

You can surely sense the emotions captured in these photographs – a perfect compilation to walk down memory lane. You can expect soft and light photographs with Visuals By Raf, which highlight a joyous occasion portraying the happiness and excitement between the couples.

9. TwoDots Photography

If you’re looking for warm colours and nude tones, TwoDots Photography is the go-to for a natural touch! Feel at ease and contented when they are the ones behind the lens to capture intimate moments of your special day.

10. Yaz Media Production

One of a kind and a minimalistic touch is how we would describe Yaz Media Production, whereby landscape photography is one of their signature photography styles. If you love a wide and grand background with you being the centre of attention, they are the best at making your wedding photographs a dream come true.

The best part about these photographers are that they are not only able to capture your wedding photographs, but your honeymoon, baby showers or family photoshoots too. Once you’ve found the perfect photographer for you, they can actually turn into a lifelong friend who will always be there to record the joyous occasions of your life! And that is why, choosing the right photographer goes a long way.

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Take care,

Putri Aisha Laily