Questions To Ask Your Wedding Vendors

You know what you want and need for your wedding – venue, caterer, wedding cake, wedding bouquet, bridalwear, henna, DJ/emcee, photographer and more. But do you really know what are the right questions to ask your potential vendors? Not only are you a bride or groom to-be, but you have automatically taken on the role of event planner, operations manager and finance accountant. While it is all exciting, it can be quite overwhelming for you.

It is important that you know which vendor can accommodate your wants and needs. Hence, we have compiled a list of questions to ask your vendors before making an informed decision and especially before signing on the dotted line.

Do keep in mind that these questions are meant for when you have already viewed their packages, as vendors would usually have their own package/price list, and you would like to clarify further.

Questions That Apply To All Vendors

  1. Can you share recent references and examples of your work? (For venues, it would be better to view recent pictures of weddings so you know how it looks like at the moment. Alternatively, you may skip this question and simply view their social media page for recent works)
  2. What is your payment structure and cancellation policy?
  3. What is your back-up plan should you or your team fall ill or unable to provide your services in time for the wedding?
  4. Do you have extra transportation or delivery fees? (In an event of unexpected travel or if your ceremony and reception are in different locations)

Questions For Venues

  • How many people can you accommodate and how long will I have use of the event space?
  • Are there additional service charges or other fees such as overtime costs?
  • What are the financial implications if we have to cancel/postpone our wedding? Is the deposit refundable?
  • What rooms are included? (Bridal room, bathrooms, lounge area, prayer room, first aid room etc)
  • Is the venue handicap-friendly?
  • Which are the nearest MRT stations/ bus stops?
  • Are there booster seats or high chairs available for toddlers?
  • Do you have liability insurance? (In case someone gets injured at the venue)
  • Are we able to bring in our own external decor & catering?
  • What other events are going on at the venue on the same day?
  • Do prices differ based on the time of day and/or day of the week?
  • Do you provide an on-site coordinator? If so, what services are included and will she/he be there on my wedding day?
  • How will you meet the technical needs of other vendors? (e.g. DJ, emcee, caterer, videographer)
  • What’s your wet-weather plan? (For outdoor venues)
  • Will you be providing staff to conduct hygiene procedures such as disinfecting areas, temperature taking, and noting contact details for contact tracing? (Due to COVID-19)
  • How will you ensure social distancing measures among staff, as well as guests? (Due to COVID-19)
  • Do you offer parking on-site or valet parking? If not, where can guests park?

Questions For Wedding Decoration Vendors

  • What time can you arrive to set up/tear down?
  • Can the decor be dropped off the day before and picked up the day after?
  • Are tables, linens, chairs etc provided or will I need to rent them elsewhere? (Unlikely you will need to rent them elsewhere, but just in case!)
  • Can you meet my request for a certain theme? (Be ready with a mood board/ colour theme – you can find many inspirations from Pinterest!)
  • What is the recommended floorplan for the venue I have selected? (Round tables/ long rectangular tables)

Questions For Caterers and/or Desserts Vendors

  • What are the different ways the venue serves food? Buffet or individual plates?
  • Can you arrange for a tasting? Is there a cost for a tasting?
  • What does the venue provide for drinks with the meal?
  • Can you accommodate special diets? (e.g. Vegetarian, vegan, Mediterranean diets etc)
  • Will desserts be included? Should I hire a separate dessert vendor?
  • If separate caterer and dessert vendor, will the both of you be able to work together to set up nicely?
  • How many wait staff will be provided?
  • Do you provide linens, utensils, serving table decor, etc.? What colors and styles do you offer? (To ensure it matches your wedding theme)
  • Will there be someone to oversee the meal service at the reception? (If the caterer won’t be present, it is always good to know who will be in charge or the point of contact ahead of time)
  • Can I include vendor meals? How much do you charge for them? (Photographers and emcees get hungry too!)
  • Can leftovers be wrapped for guests or donated?

Questions For Bridal Boutiques

  • What are your terms of purchase/rental?
  • What is your size range?
  • Which colour goes well with my skin tone?
  • Which dress type suits my body figure?
  • I am planning to lose weight and would like to pick my bridal gown at a later date – when would be the latest I can come down for a fitting and confirm my outfit?
  • Does the price include dress alterations?
  • Do you have or provide accessories that match my gown? Do you also provide support garments?
  • How many follow-up appointments should I book?
  • What happens if you are unable to make it to my wedding?
  • Does pricing include delivery and collection of dress(es)?

Questions For Make Up Artists

  • What does your rate include? (Check if it includes a trial session, transport fee, touch-ups etc)
  • How much would a trial session cost? (If it is not included in the standard rate)
  • Do you charge by the hour or by the person? (It is good to check if your mother, sister(s), bridesmaids etc will be having their make up done by the makeup artist so you would know the total cost)
  • Do you have a team or will you be the only artist that day?
  • What makeup look would you suggest for me?
  • Do you have any facial skincare tips for me to prepare prior to my wedding day?
  • Will you bring your own products or will I be responsible for supplying them?
  • I have sensitive skin/ a skin condition that you need to know of – may I know what beauty products you use?
  • What will happen if you’re sick or have an emergency on my wedding day?

Questions For Henna Artists

  • Do you make your own henna? If not, where do you get it from?
  • How long does one bridal henna session take?
  • How many guests can I bring for a henna party?
  • What can I do to make my henna last longer?
  • Will you do a trial session?
  • What is the difference between white henna and red henna, what are the precautions to take?
  • Is the transportation fee included in your pricing?

Questions For Photographers & Videographers

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  • How would you describe your photography/videography style? And can I see a portfolio of your work – beyond what’s on your website?
  • How do we go about creating a shot list? What information do you need from me before the event? (e.g. history or background story of your love story, photoshoot location preferences etc)
  • What is your working style on the day of the wedding?
  • How many photographers/videographers will cover the day? How much would it cost if I would require an additional photographer/videographers?
  • Do you have backup equipment on hand should things go wrong?
  • What are the deliverables? (e.g photo album, thumb drive)
  • How long is your editing process? When should I expect to receive the photographs/videographers?
  •  Is there a cost for a teaser video? (Typically a 1-minute video to share on social media)
  • Will you stay if my event is running late and what are your overtime fees?
  • Will my wedding be your only job on that day? If not, what are the hours I can count on and what happens if you are unable to make it to my wedding?
  • I have a specific storyline to tell, can we discuss the storyboarding together?

Questions For Wedding Gift Trays Vendors

  • Would my gifts be able to fit on your gift trays?
  • Do you provide the acrylic box and trays?
  • Which is the recommended gift tray for my gifts?
  • Which gift tray would you recommend for my budget?
  • Which type of gift tray would you recommend if we want something that is not heavy?
  • Will you be able to match my theme? (Be prepared to show your mood board/theme colours/inspiration)
  • Is the delivery fee included in your pricing? Or will I have to self-collect it on my own?

Questions For Wedding Gift Favours Vendors

  • What type of edible or non-edible wedding favours do you have?
  • What would you recommend for (insert number of pax)?
  • Is the delivery fee included in your pricing? Or will I have to self-collect it on my own?

Questions For Wedding Invitation Vendors

  • What types of printing and paper stocks are available to suit my budget?
  • Can you fulfil my entire suite of stationery? (e.g. invitations, table numbers, name cards)
  • Are envelopes included for my invitations and can you advise on postage fees?
  • Do you charge extra for revisions, once we have seen the proofs?
  • When will I receive my stationery? Will it be delivered or by self-collection?

Questions For Wedding Bouquet Vendors

  • Do you have a signature design style?
  • What bloom recommendations can you suggest that fit within my budget and my theme/mood board?
  • What can you suggest to help me get the most from my budget?
  • Will you work with my cake vendor to provide coordinating blooms for my cake? Is there an additional fee for this?
  • Do you charge a delivery fee? Or is it only by self-collection?
  • How far in advance are the bouquets created? How are they stored?

Questions For Wedding Cake Vendors

  • What are your specialities and/or top flavours and fillings? Can you do (insert special flavour/request)?
  • Can you design a custom cake to match my theme? (Ensure you are ready to present your mood board/colour theme/inspiration!)
  • Can you outline your pricing fees? For example, do you charge for a cake tasting, are there additional fees for cake stands, decorations, cutting knives, toppers, etc.?)
  • What icing options do you recommend for the cake style I am looking for?
  • If I want fresh flowers on my cake will you work with my florist to include blooms that coordinate with my floral decor? Or will you provide the flowers yourself?
  • How far in advance is the cake actually made? How is it stored and transported?
  • How will my cake hold up in outdoor venues? (To ensure that your cake will still look and taste good in high temperatures and humidity)

Questions For Emcees/DJs

  • Do you have a video from a previous wedding where you hosted that I can view?
  • Can I give you a “do play” and “do not play” playlists?
  • Do you know how to manage a tough crowd or how to energize the crowd?
  • Do you provide the sound equipment or does it have to be rented elsewhere? Do you have backup equipment should something go wrong?
  • Do you have a technician who stays on site if there’s a problem?
  • Does your pricing include set-up and tear down? How much time do you need for set-up and tear down?
  • How many breaks do you need and for how long?
  • What will you be wearing? Can I make a specific attire request?

Do not be afraid to ask as many questions as you need, to any vendor you meet for your wedding. Remember to also pass along tips any valuable tips to the next bride that comes along!

Do you have any additional questions that you think should be included? Let us know in the comments below!

Take care,

Putri Aisha Laily